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This thread will be used for product news! Thanks

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27/02/2020 8:01 am  

Hello. I have placed an order#298 back in jan. I have contacted this company many many times since. My check was cashed and I have not received my products nor my refund as promised. It is now 1.5 mths later! I have only gotten one email back from my many calls , emails, and dms to your company! No one will respond to me but to tell me I am on the do not send list due to two past orders that I made to you and could not get the pymts screen to pop-up on my new fire tablet due to pop up settings I didn't even know about on my tablet!. I am a 65 yr old on disability and would appreciate my refund as promised! Please contact me or send my refund asap!!! Thank you Deb Farmer order #298